The Noggin is the newest product on the market made specifically to reduce impact to the head which causes traumatic brain injuries and long term CTE.

It is the first and only skull cap made to be worn underneath a helmet that has proven to REDUCE UP TO 85% OF THE IMPACT when worn with a certified safety helmet.

The strategically placed gel pads not only help reduce the impact but also act as a grip to hold the helmet in place. It is perfect for creating a snug and comfortable fit.

The noggin comes in four colors and two different sizes, adult and youth. It is machine washable which promotes head hygiene and its 80% polyester / 20% spandex, dry weave, dry-knit construction makes it perfect to keep sweat out of the eyes as it WICKS AWAY SWEAT AND KEEPS THE HEAD COOL AND DRY.

The noggin has been safety tested by CSA, HECC and NOCSAE with incredible results!

Any athlete playing a contact sport requiring a helmet should be using a noggin!
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Test Results Show Lessening of Impact to The Head